B-52 Professional Guitar AT-Series

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AT-100: 100-watt all-tube amplifier with tri-mode rectifier

The AT-100 is a 3-channel, all-tube, tri-mode rectified beast that gives you unparalleled tone and astounding
versatility. The clean channel yields sparkling vintage tone that stays clean even at high volume. The overdrive section features 2 independent high-gain channels and independent volume controls with a shared 3-band EQ. The assignable contour (mid-scoop) control gives you the ability to make each overdrive channel sound radically different. The Global section features Low-Res (Resonance), Reverb and Master Volume.

AT-100 features and specifications

• All-Tube Signal Path
• Tri-Mode Rectifier: Tube - Class A or AB,
Solid-State - Class AB
• Overdrive Channel: Gain 1 and Gain 2
Each with Independent Master Volumes,
3-Band EQ, Assignable Contour Control
• Clean Channel: Master Volume, 3-Band
EQ and Bright Switch
• Global Controls: Volume, Low-Res
(Resonance) and Reverb

• Effects Loop with Level Controls
• Line Out with Level Control
• Selectable 4 / 8 / 16 Ohms External
Speaker Jacks
• 4-Position Footswitch: Channel, Gain,
Reverb and Effects Loop
• Ground Lift Switch
• Dimensions: 27" x 11" x 11"
• Weight: 53lbs
The AT-100 features rock-solid 13-ply Baltic birch construction
AT-100 Tube Chart
4 – 6L6 / 5881
4 – 12AX7
1 – 12AX7
1 – 12AX7
1 – 12AX7
1 – 5AR4

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