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ATX-100: 100-watt all-tube three-channel amplifier

The ATX-100 is our newest and most powerful all-tube guitar amplifier. The three-channel ATX will take you from shimmering cleans with just the right touch of its lush spring reverb, to an all out metal assault. The clean channel is designed to stay clean all the way up unless you push the master volume to get that nice warm power tube break-up. The clean channel features a volume, responsive 3-band EQ as well as a bright switch. The overdrive section features 2 channels with separate volume and gain controls that share a 3-band EQ. The newly designed mid-cut feature is assignable to either of the overdrive channels giving you the ability for a brutal rhythm channel and a searing lead tone. All channels share a master volume, low-res (resonance) and reverb control.

ATX-100 Rear Panel View

ATX-Series Features and Cabs

ATX-100 Features
• All-tube signal path
• Overdrive channel: gain 1 and gain 2
each with independent master volumes,
3-band eq, assignable mid-cut control
• Clean channel: master volume, 3-band
eq and bright switch
• Global controls: volume, low-res
(resonance) and reverb
• Effects loop (footswitchable)
• Selectable 4 / 8 / 16 ohms external
speaker jacks
• 4-position footswitch: channel, gain,
reverb and effects loop
• Chrome-plated front and rear panels

• Durable plywood construction

ATX-100 Tube Chart
4 – 6L6 / 5881
6 – 12AX7

AT-412A & AT-412B
480-watt 4x12” Slant & Straight Cabinets

The AT-412A/B extension cabinets perfectly complement the ATX head and are loaded with custom-voiced 12” speakers rated at 120 watts. These speakers are designed to stay accurate not matter how hard you drive them, giving you crystal clear cleans and the ability to handle over-the-top distortion at almost any wattage level. The AT-412A/B provides the option for a Mono or Stereo output with the flick of a switch.

ATX Cabinet Features
• 4x120-watt RMS custom B-52 speakers
• Mono/stereo switchable
• Reinforced Baltic birch construction
• Custom B-52 handles, metal corners and rubber feet
• Detachable casters for easy transport
• Black Tolex covering (matches ATX-100)
• Black grille cloth & silver piping


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