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The B-52 Professional family is ever-growing with music professionals all around the world using our speakers to wow audiences and party people, they often write to us to say how much they love their B-52 Speakers. Here are some of what you had to say about us.

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2006 Mix Down Magazine - Beautiful Girls and B-52 - PDF (1.7 megabytes)

Just wanted to let you know that I am still very satisfied with my AT100 HEAD and CAB. No other amp touches this baby. I had a wonderful visit with Todd Vucins in tech support on 3-11-08 about still loving my amp after a year and a couple of things that make the amp even better. I also let him know that I refered a good friend to Guitar Center to check out the LS100 Head since he didn't want to deal with replacing tubes.

We compaired the LS with every solid state amp in the store. Again the B52 beat everything there. It also sounded so tube like I had a hard time telling the difference between my AT and the LS. Great job to everybody in product developement. Getting back to what I did to make the AT100 better. When it was time to replace my tubes,I went to a small company called EUROTUBES in Milwalkie Oregon that gets JJelectronic vacuum tubes staight from the Slovic Republic. ( 100% European Tube Quality!!) These tubes turned the AT into a new monster. All for the better!! Alone the AT100 is a great amp, but if you run a BBE SONIC STOMP through the effects loop with both levels at about 75%, be prepaired to hit the wall behind you with the first power chord. Again, great products and nice people to talk to in tech support services. Thank you so much for everything. You have no idea how much you have made a difference to musicians on a strict budget, but want and expect quality. B52 has made that difference. Thank you again!!!!!
Len " CRISCO " Hays  

I just wanted to say that my AT-100 half-stack is still awesome even after two years! It just plain rocks and at a great value to boot!!!
Dean, New Orleans

All i can say is, you have created the sound i've seeked after for years!  fell in love immediately and havent looked back since.  i hope to one day have an entire wall of these just to show up marshall and mesa and all the all the "haters" out there.  I have studied music all my life and even though fell in love with metal, am a multi-versatile musician playing many instruments and all types of music.  There is not one particular sound this rig wont let u acheive.... for me, i finally have a custom tone (what ive always wanted). My guitar's are the ESP LTD V-series with active 81/85 emg's. I play an AT-100 head through a custom 4x12 w/ celestions and two 2x2 cabs with celestions.... the sound is rediculous.  clean tone, brighter than the sun in the arctic and the scoop of the crunch swallows your head, yet lets the true tone of the guitar leak through.
Many many Kudos to the b-52 family for slammin together the best rig ive ever touched :) Forever shredding through my b-52, Crowbar

Fillbillys1All I can say is wow! I was reluctant to buy this amp (AT-100) to start with because could it really be that great for such a price? Well the answer is that it is simply greater and the small price makes it that much better. It seems that everyone out there feels they need one of those amps that start with "M" in order to define themselves as guitarists. Well I have had both of those amps that start with "M" and this one is a formidable foe that is equally worthy. The low end is amazing and downright brutal, I think I even hurt myself at one point! The highs are amazing and make for a killer and glassy lead that will scream my harmonics with piercing foce. The clean channel is beautiful! This amp can take me to any sonic wonderland I want to visit! It can sound like Hell is waiting at the door one minute or angels singing madrigals the next! Thank you B-52 for such a great amp!
- Christopher Privette

you guys make amazing amps! Both my effects guitarest and i use B-52 heads. Mac Silvey


i have a b52 cabinet, and i've heard some good sounds from one of your heads. emil rodriguezyou guys rock and i live in New South Wales in Australia. Jack Marr

Man you make some awesome amps! i have the AT2X12 and i want more! its unbelieveable! -- Dustin Beasley

My name is Ron Williams and I am the guitarist for The Huckin' Fillbillys (www.thehuckinfillbillys.com). I've enclosed a couple pix of the AT-100 in action!
I purchased the AT-100 amp head about a year and a half ago and I am so IN LOVE with this amp! I primarily play hard-rock music and found that I was sonically limited with my old Marshall JCM 900. Sure, like a Harley-Davidson, Marshall has 'it's sound' but that's what I was stuck with...'it's sound'! I wouldn't take anything away from Marshall but I needed something with more range. I stopped in at Guitar Center, here in Boardman, Ohio, and was ready to buy a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. A buddy of mine that worked there told me of your AT-100 for damn near HALF the price. I was a little reluctant because I hadn't heard of B-52 at the time and the low price kinda' had me thinking it was 'less than stellar'. 'Trust me!', he said. So, I grabbed a Gibson Les Paul Custom off the wall and 'plugged in'...WOW!!! I had a 'hard-on' for the next half-an-hour! I could not believe what I was hearing! True tone from the 'cleanest' clean to the 'grittiest' overdrive, I was in tone heaven! 'Wrap it up, I'll take it!', I proclaimed!
Fillbillys2The only problem I've had with the AT-100 (and I'm hard pressed to really call it a 'problem') was having to replace the tubes within 6 months but I've never had any trouble with the amp. I use NO EFFECTS, just a guitar, a guitar cord, and my B-52 AT-100 through a 4X12 loaded with 25w Celestion vintage Greenbacks. The Huckin' Fillbillys play danceable, hard rock and play damn near 100 shows a year. The AT-100 hasn't let me down!
Thanks B-52! I've been and will continue to spread the 'GOOD WORD' about your products!
Ron Williams
4323 Southern Blvd.

I was using a mesa-boogie preamp and a marshall poweramp. I have since switched over to an AT-100 head and I LOVE the sound I have now. I have tried all the mesa heads, and none of them sound as good as my AT-100!!!! - Ryan Thornton

I've had my AT-100 for about 2 years now. Most people will tell you that if you dont buy a mesa or a marshall or something else famous you are getting jipped. Ive played along side mesas, homebrew amps and Marshalls. all I can say is if somebody blindfolded me and unplugged my guitar from the AT-100 and put it into a marshall or some other over priced over rated bank robber I would start playing and be extremely unsatisfied. The tone that is created between the Sovtek 5881's and through the electro harmonix 12ax7's can't be described by comparing it to another famous amp. This amp by sound has the fullest most focused tubish sparkle out of any amp i've tested it to. The sovtek 5881's that come stock sound so full and warm. B-52 was also really awesome about informing me how to bias it to use other power tubes. I tried several other power tubes. GE 6l6gc's, RCA blackplate 6l6gc's, electroharmonix 6l6gc's. I finaly found my favorite which is the SED 6l6gc's. I bought my self a quad that bias cold and put em in and biased and bam. amazing tone. Ive been using the SED tubes for about 4 months now and this amp still sounds amazing. If any body says they dont like this amp because it looks cheap just because of price they are wrong.
- Will Newberry

I have a pair of your 18" Folded Subs, they are AWESOME! I am looking at purchasing something to stack on top of them, what do you recommend? I will be lifting them by myself. Right now I have a pair of "Steel Sound" dual 12's. LOVE YOUR SUBS! Have had them about a year and a half. - Marvin Stewart

Worked as a DJ in Slidell, Louisiana. Used a B-52 Matrix 2000, and nuemark cd mix-2. Loved the sound and portablity of the Matrix 2000. Chad - Winter Park, FL

i saw the band TITANIUM BLACK play in phoenix,ny and both guitarists were using b-52s and they sounded awesome! after talking to them they were telling me how great they were and played a little bit for me after the show,they are truly awesome sounding amps and i would love to get one.cant wait to see the catalog! don carpenter, Auburn

I tried a b-52 amp out at Guitar Center and fell in love! TheFORCE Smith

Hey guys. Thanks for the great amp. After my Crate blew up for the second time in 6 months, I walked into GC to just look around and get some ideas about another amp. I had no intention of buying an amp on the spot. Especially after seeing the usual Marshals and Mesas with the huge price tags. By chance, I spotted the B-52 AT212 sitting all by itself with an unbelievable price tag on it. At first I thought there must be something wrong with it. I hadn't really heard much about B-52 before. When I saw that it was 100 watts, I was even more inclined to walk away since I definitely didn't need that much power. However, the salesperson talked me into plugging it in and giving it a try. WOW! Even with the crappy Schechter guitar with the rusty strings that I used, it sounded awesome, even at low volume. Clean, dirty or total crunch all sounded great. I ended up taking it home with me that night. It sounds even better now that I have broken it in a little bit since then. I have both a Gibson LP and a Strat, and although I prefer playing the LP, I must admit that this amp seems to be the perfect match for a Stratocaster. That's not to imply that the LP doesn't also sound amazing through it. The only small concern I had (other than the weight), was the amount of heat that was generated and you guys addressed that immediately by sending me a fan assembly to keep the tubes cooler. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Jbow00       

When I started out on my quest for a half stack there was main driving factor, I didn't have much money. I played amp heads and cabinets and such from Marshall to the cheaper Vox's, nothing gave me the clean like I wanted. When I started reading about B-52 stuff the main thing that attracted me to it was that they were made in the U.S.A. and didn't cost $3000 bucks! I went down to Guitar Center in Birmingham, Alabama and played through the solid state version, yes the cheap version. I've had bad luck with tubes and had a plan in mind to get that tube sound. Now, almost a year later, the head and the cabinet are doing better than most married couples! I have the head running through a sonic maximizer, compressor with gate control, a tube preamp, with a Morley old old optical compressor/volume pedal. I love it, absolutely love it! From Allman brothers riffs to Taking Back Sunday, Explosions In the Sky, it is amazing! The only channel I use is my clean, the distortions were great in the beginning, but our band doesn't really have that heavy of a sound, think more like Weezer of Foo-Fighters. We recently played a show with a band that used an Orange head with a Zinky cab and even he came up and was amazed at how crisp and warm my guitar sounded, this coming from a guy using an ORANGE! With one studio recording behind it, one live recording, and another studio recording soon to take place, I feel NO SHAME, WHATSOEVER in taking my $700.00 half stack against anything. PERIOD. B-52 stay true and keep it coming from within the U.S.A.! Hopefully someday we can make an endorsement venture!?!?! Blake Kinney, Braver By the 2nd, Cullman, Alabama

I bought my system from Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend. After doing some extensive research before buying our company’s FOH, I decided that the ACT’s specs will comply for what I was looking for: price and performance. We recently used 2 stacks composed of ACT 1515x (x2) and ACT 18X (x2) per side as FOH at “Festival Calle Orange” (Orange Ave. Latino Fest) in Orlando, FL. At first, few stage crew members and sponsors were and made skeptical comments. They thought that such small amount of speakers will not make it.  When I did sound check, they immediately change their mind. The stage manager told me: "It’s a deceiving system, I’m way impressed with the sound”.  The ACT’s were cranked up non-stop from 9am until 8pm. The amps were all cool from start to end. The highs were not rigged, since mine are not the F type. Instead, they were installed on a 7’ side raiser per side, on a 30’wide stage, having an impressive long throw and dispersion (no need of a center fill). Subs were at ground level under each raiser. I measured a clean 95-100 dB @ 225 feet, with an excellent definition of the whole spectrum. I’m planning to expand with more ACT-F’s to rig them next time.  If you’re looking for price and performance, this is it!
Attached are some pictures, for those non-believers… Abdel, from Central Audio

I have 2 15inch B-52 DJ speaker and had a 1 18inch speaker that lasted me 10yrs and I bought all 3 speakers @ the same time back in 1992,so I know B-52 speakers and its company can be trusted with good quality products that will last a long time. Alex Portillo

I own a Matrix 1000 and I'm very happy with the overall performance. Specially the 10" speakers. I'm interested in a pair of SR12 or SR15 ---- or SL12 or SL17. Live performance PA- sound reinforcement in small Clubs or Halls would be our main use. Raymond

I have looked on in amazement at the products your company has been producing in the last 5 years and foudn the At-112 60 watt all-tube amplifier too nice sounding to pass it by. Evan M Grennan

Attended the NAMM show and met Brian AKA "the rev" and had a great time...solid product line. Thank you. Sean Wilson

I love your CABS!!! Your Lower end 4x12 is a beast, I reloaded it with 2 V30's and 2xGreenbacks in an X and it is beautiful!!! No one is making this quality of cab for that price. Even your ST-412 pre-loaded with V30 is an unbeatable deal... THANK YOU!!! Thomas Christopoulos

I have bought 4 of these compact subwoofers and love them - G. Petgrave

Always interested in new technology in speakers (I love my FX-1515X Speakers)They Were Def. the best investment i ever made - john

B-52 LX18... The best speaker in my whole system. Cody Rowe

I own three of your guitar amps. I must say, they are absolutely amazing, they blow Marshalls and Peaveys away. Vin Cerniglia

own a half stack with AT-100 headed. gotta say: it kicks ass! ben rigby


Heard the Stealth series at small venue concert, extremely impressed by depth of tone, warmth, quality of sound. Have used Fender (Dual Showman 15, Fender Twin with JBL D120's thru Bandmaster cab with D-120's), Crate, Marshall, Gibson amps; heard of B52 but never played thru or listened to them until concert. Made a very big impression. Howard Patzke

B52 loudspeakers are better that any of the leading brands in professional audio. Alene Blas E. Mecenas

OK, I am a mobile DJ who has 4-5 guys that work for me each and every weekend.  We do weddings, parties, corporate gigs all the time.  It was time to invest in some new gear and I really did my homework.  I was looking for something that was punchy, loud and portable.  I looked at all the brands but kept coming back to the Matrix B-52.  All the DJ feedback was positive about the systems.  I went out and purchased the 2000 series.  WOW!  I was blown away!  I was so impressed that I went out and bought the 1000 series too!  I am very picky on my audio. B-52 Matrix really floored me with their clarity, power and portability.
I recommend any mobile DJ to really check out these systems.  They definitely rock the house
Joe Race

I went to Guitar center to buy a Mesa and came home with an AT-100. How the hell did that happen?? I’ll tell you how, kickass amp, excellent value, whats not to like. Our other guitarist who plays Marshall, didn’t like it one bit….he wants one too.  WOW !!!
Kudos B-52 !!!!!!!

I just purchased an At-212 from guitar center. I am very impressed. The clean channel amazes me. I play a custom Tele made of mesquite and this amp brings out all of the tonal qualities of this guitar. I love it. jbbjgil

Hi folks at B-52
Well what can i say ? i feel very lucky to be the first on this side of the pond to own this kit, I dont think i will be the only one for long though ! I am using the B-52 AT100 and 4X12 Cab, i have been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and never have i heard a 100 watt head sound this loud or clear and precise, welcome to the UK B-52 have fun ! ! i think Jim needs to be on his guard Mmmm and the guys in California you know who you are. A Very happy English man
Mark Daniels

Bought your LG4x12v  cabinet and for over 2 years i've been rockin' touring this cabinet. Gives me clear low end buttom. thanks again.

Hard Core Loud Music Lover. Heavy Metal
I was sick and tied of blowing 15" drivers.
Got myself a set of B52's. Wow.
The only thing I'll blow now will be my brains and relationship with neibours.
What a product.
Andrew, Sydney Australia.

I use 6 of these (LX-18V2) with my band "Sirius Black" What a value, we bring down the house in large venues.....great product! I recommended these to my AV company.
- Michael, New Haven

I am very glad to see a product made in the US. So far I am very impressed with the quality of construction and performance of the B52 Matrix 2000.
- Ted Lawrence

I am sure b-52s will find new owners over and over again
- Thanks Brad

I have just seen and played your guitar amps in Guitar Center
Arizona. And thease blow away my Marshalls!! They look great and sound
great! The Stealth is hot!! - JJ & BT

I'm interested in all your products so send me everything you have thank you!
p.s. I own 2 of your LX-218's they really kick ass!
- Eric, New Haven

i just bought the 100 watt tube/solid state head for guitar and it is amazing. i compared it against other leading heads and i found it to be far better.
- Michael, Knightdale

You guys are sweet
- Nick, Zionsville

Own the V2s wouldn't own anything but
- Riley, Rapid City

Thanks for all the great products you guys have made keep up the good work. your equipment i well worth the money
- Jonathon, Salinas

I was walking in a mall and noticed a B-52 speaker setup that impressed me and I wanted to learn more about the products

Thanks a bunch guys, The AT-100 Sounds amasing!
- Joel, Brandon

Just a few lines to let you know that I have on several occasions, have had the ability to personally hear and observed a rather large assortment of products in a sound reinforcement install, under optimal conditions, due to the fact, numerous other manufacturers were in use in this install, and under ideal listening conditions.
Therefore, I was in the perfect position to have hours of a vitural laboratory listening experience. Clearly, the B-52 bass horns were very clean, powerful, wide open and very naturally dynamic. The B-52 bass units were the dual 18" in a quantity of four, floor mounted and configured in a (V configuration).
This event of course was some time back and I clearly was impressed. And, as an owner of a long standing sound Manhattan based company owner (24-yrs), established June, 1983.
- Frank, New York

I purchased a B-52 AT100 amp head with the B-52 412A and its a ROCKER!!!
- Kyle, Supply

I'm a bassplayer that loves speakers and i've played through B-52s in various clubs and hear them crank! Phat bass!!
- Marcus, Sydney, Australia

LX-15 are awesomelooking for two more plus the double folded horns
- Scott, Terre Haute

We as a company use nothing but B-52 for sound. We have SR-15 LX215V and LX18V sobwoofer so we play a wide varity or rooms and halls. We love your product
- Scott, New Berlin

Awesome Sounding Speaker systems
- Dave, Gainesville

I got a pair of b-52slx218 they are awsome
- Martin, Hollis

i heard some of the equipment in a live venue...........impressed with the sound
- Ben, Cookesville

I have the matrix1000 and love it just expanding to the 2000 series
- Chris, New Haven

I own 2- b52 18 lx, these are awsome, excellent low end.
- Basone, Akron

You have the quality product,so we are interested in your product.
- Madan, Dehli

i love B 52 thay sound really pure and its not what you pay for is what you get, you get a lot more i love them
- Codisiah, CADILLAC

I have a B 52 AT 100 that I purchased from Guitar Center in Merrillville, Indiana. I want to tell you that I am so very pleased with this amp head. There is such a thing to guitarists that I have called "the elusive dirty tone", which is basically the gain sound on the amp to me, and this is it. I really cannot believe it but I have found a kick in the ass gain-dirt sound and all I can say is a big "thank you to B 52 for making this product the way you've made it and at the price you've made it available". I have been playing for over 20 years now and I love this amp so much that I am so afraid that something may happen to it that I might have to have another one as a spare or standby.
- Michael, Chesterton

Best guitar amps ever. Sound fantastic
- Stefano, Chesterfield

I'm a DJ looking to upgrade my sound system to something that'll blow the doors off high school dances with about 1500-2000 people in an oversize gym... and someone recommended your sound equipment... and your SPL ratings and power look pretty good!
- Adam, Grosse Point

i am rocking the best amp i have herd in a while
- Samir, Post Falls

I just picked up the AT-100 Combo amp and I am very inpressed. I would like to see all of the other products you have. I can not believe I have been walking past your products for years and just now gave them a test drive. I wish I would have tested something out sooner. Great sound, craftsmanship & price. KEEP IT UP!
- Alan, O'Fallon

Just bought the AT-100 head & straight cab. Just wanted to say thanks for making such a great product and keeping such a low price. Thanks for keeping it all possible for the little guys!
- Geisler, Cary

I purchased the Act 18's and I love them. The Act 15-15's were still in developement at that time so I purchased the Mackie SA 1521's. I now want to uses the Mackies for monitors and want to increase the power of the Mains. I figured what better choice than the Act 15-15's for my top end and a passive set of Act 18's to increase my Main lower end.
- Paul, Carthage

i own the lg series 4 (12's) cab. Its got a great look and output.
- Steve, Santa Ana

I recently switched to the B-52 AT-100 and am completely floored by the tone. Our other guitarist made the switch as well. My group is getting ready to go on an national tour.
- Jeremy, Easley

We are very impressed with the B-52 equipment we have and are looking into getting more.
- Rex, Fruita

I own the at-100 head and love it
- Deek

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