B-52 Professional Guitar LS-Series

LS-100 I LS-412A & LS-412B
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LS-412A & LS-412B: 400-watt RMS speaker cabs

The B-52 LS-412A and LS-412B, 4x12” slant and straight cabinets are a perfect complement to the LS-100
amplifier. They offer awesome tone and incredible projection. With four custom-built, 100-watt 12” speakers, these cabinets provide crystal clear highs and heavy distortion with classic breakup.

LS-Series speaker cab features

• 4 x 100-watt, custom built,
heavy-duty speakers
• 16-gauge metal grille for ultimate
• Rear porting for extended
low-frequency response

• Metal handles, rubber feet and metal

• Detachable casters for easy transport
• Authentic black vinyl finish
• Mono/Stereo Switchable

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