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Blues, country, metal, rock and roll ... there is no one musical genre that this amp serves. The Clean channel maintains clarity even at high volumes. Its three-band EQ and bright switch are very responsive, so you can dial in the exact tone you desire. The Distortion channel has two independent gains and vol umes, with a shared three-band EQ. This, along with the assignable contour control, allows a player to make these channels sound radically different. And we designed the preamp so that, whether you use a $99 or $4,000 guitar, you’ll get the sound you’re after.

The Stealth Series signature flame silhouette front panel of the ST-100A and ST-60A offer the onstage presence this tube amp series commands. This tri-mode rectifier amp line offers warmth and head room in the clean channel, high-gain in the overdrive channel.

The solid-state LG-Series was the first in the B-52 Guitar Amplication product range. B-52 solid-state amps provide a powerhouse of tone, from sparkling clean to burning distortion. The LG-Series utilizes the latest tube simulation technology, resulting in clean and overdrive channels that sound and feel like all-tube amplifiers. Each amp include all of the features needed to dial in the exact sound desired and are perfect for performance or practice for guitarists of every level.
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